The international forum on

 Pathway Analysis in Proteomics


  Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência -- October 15th and 16th 2015
  Rua da Quinta Grande, 6, Oeiras, Portugal

PathProt-8 group (October 2015).

What is PathProt?

PathProt is the international forum for Pathway Analysis in Proteomics. We are an informal discussion group that meets annually to brainstorm, since 2008.
Our annual workshop is an ideal setting for open-minded, unbiased opinion-making. We pick on themes, listen to invited and submitted talks, discuss freely and summarize the results. The attendees are simply interested parties, wishing to get informed and participate in the discussions. There is always a healthy variety of academic backgrounds and industrial ties.
The format of Pathprot meetings follows the "un-workshop" model, in which we dedicate significantly bigger amounts of time to discussions, and less to talks. We will also dedicate specific time to review recent scientific literature .
And, of course, plenty of local experiences, to make it fully enjoyable, in the portuguese way.

The net result of holding a scientinfic meeting in this fashion is the natural emergence of collaboration in a variety of forms: the free sharing of ideas easily results in the recognition of the benefits of exchanging students, writing grant applications and papers together, etc.

Pedro Fernandes, Roman Zubarev, Alexander Kel, Peter Verhaert, Carlos Cordeiro, Marta Sousa Silva, Marisa Magalhães, Ana Patricia Marques, Evgeny Nikolaev, António Ferreira, Ana Rita Cavaco, Francisco Pinto, Alexey Chernobrovkin.
Clare Sansom



October 15th 2015
9h30Welcome. Format of the Un-workshop. - Pedro Fernandes
Self introduction - all the participants.
Planning the sessions - all the participants.
10h00 "Peptidomics in biological/biomedical research. The biologist's vision facing the analytical chemist's precision. Belief versus truth?". Peter Verhaert.
11h00 Coffee Break
11h30 "PathProt-conceived Karolinska proteomics projects". Roman Zubarev.
12h30 LUNCH
14h00 "What we heard through the grapevine: Metabolomics in biomarker discover for downy mildew resistance" Marta Sousa Silva.
15h00 "Phenolic Compounds Identification by Mass Spectrometry". Ana Marques.
15h45 Visit to the Palacio do Marquês de Pombal, Oeiras.
16h00 Coffee Break
16h30 "Leishmania infantum NOS: from sequence to structure". Ana Rita Cavaco.
18h00 Music Recital at the IGC - with Camille van Lunen and Roderick Shaw.


October 16th 2015
9h30 "Morphology and biochemistry of cell death characterization: the chicken or the egg? Alexey Chernobrovkin.
10h00 "The new approaches to the quantitative analysis of a long flight influence on blood proteome" Evgeny Nikolaev.
11h00 Coffee Break
11h30 "The Redox Proteome of Leishmania infantum". Marisa Magalhães.
12h30 LUNCH
14h00 "We have got too much stuff in genome!" Alexander Kel
15h00 "Secretomics of the ex vivo human T-cell. Measuring true physiological responses?" Peter Verhaert.
16h00 Coffee Break
16h30 (Title to be supplied). Francisco Pinto.
17h15 Final Discussion
18h00 Close
20h00 PathProt Dinner at Casa da Dizima (Paço de Arcos)

The PathProt-8 Book of Abstracts is downloadable from here.

PathProt-8 Organisers:
Pedro Fernandes, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, PT
Alexander Kel, genExplain GmbH, Wolfenbuettel, DE
Roman Zubarev, Karolinska Institutet, MBB, Stockholm, SE

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