Applied Metagenomics

GTPB Application process:

You will need to send us 3 documents in MS Word or PDF formats.

1) Fill an Application form using the template available in either MS Word or RTF formats, and save it using your name as part of the file name: Surname_Name_AF_AM.pdf (PDF format preferred)

2) Prepare a short CV and save it as Surname_Name_CV_AM.pdf (PDF format preferred)

3) Prepare a short, one paragraph, simple Motivation statement such as: "I, (Name surname) wish to attend the PSLS20 training course because..." and save it as Surname_Name_MS_AM.pdf (PDF format preferred)

4) Send an e-mail to bicourses "at" - replace "at" by @ - with the 3 documents in attachment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Application e-mails that do not carry the three required documents as attachments will not be considered.

A note on accommodation in the vicinity of IGC

Please note that we can provide real help in lowering subsistence costs, by trying to book suitable but cheap accomodation in the vicinity of the IGC, on request. Several hotels and an academic residence have agreements with us. Minimum subsistence costs (food and lodging) can be as low as Eur 50.00 per day by using the local residence and purchasing take-away food.

AM21 Course duration: 4 days | AM21 Course Fee: Euro 360.00

The fee includes complete documentation in electronic form, coffee-breaks, etc. A simple lunch in our cafeteria is also included except for IGC members.

Due to the generous support of Oeiras Valley, there is a reduction of 50% for participants that reside or work in the council of Oeiras, PT.

Payment method:
Bank transfer or PayPal are the preferred methods. Adequate instructions are provided to successful applicants.

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Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência,

Apartado 14, 2781-901 Oeiras, Portugal

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