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"Integrative Biological Interpretation using Proteomics"

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I attended IBIP21 during my PhD, which involved an important mass spectrometry experiment for my project. The course itself is very well organized and allows everyone (even with no previous experience in mass spectrometry or programming) to follow the different contents. In my opinion, the teaching method is the key factor: the constant hands-on exercises are not only engaging but makes you test what you know and whether you really understood the different concepts every step of the way. The teachers are very approachable and engaging which also promotes a great environment between the whole group and catalises a lot of discussions. After my experience in IBIP, I definitely recommend this course as you will learn everything that is promised and also have a great opportunity to work in a group, network, and even discuss new collaborations!

Catarina Peneda, participant in IBIP21


For me it was important to be able to draw my own conclusions from published proteomic studies so that I can fine-tune my experimental design and avoid pitfalls that would make my proteomic data difficult to interpret. The IBIP21 course provided a deep understanding of state of the art shotgun proteomic pipelines with an emphasis on data preparation and interpretation. The experienced scientists teaching the course where extremely dedicated in making everyone follow the basic principles and adjust the lecture content to accommodate the needs of the participants. The individual learning packages were well structured, and although at times dense in information content, the main ideas were always transmitted. Even if after half a year I don't remember every step, it is easy to go back to the scripts that we worked with during the course and follow the data analysis to remind myself. All in all, a perfect learning experience with fun atmosphere, easy to follow lectures and great individual help with questions.

Christian Diwo, participant in IBIP21


IBIP21 was a terrific training experience. When I enrolled I had no specific interest in proteomics but, after consulting with the course organiser, I came to believe that the course's focus on interpretation would be valuable for approaching other types of omics data. Indeed, I found that while the course comes necessarily from a proteomics background I would be able to use many of the tools for my own RNA-seq project. IBIP21 is well-structured, well taught, and its hand-on approach is ideal for solidifying concepts. Furthermore, I found the course to keep to the essentials regarding bioinformatics, such that it should be amenable to participants with little to no experience in programming and in using data repositories. I would definitely recommend this course for people interested in proteomics or in omics data analysis in general!

Marco Louro, participant in IBIP21

Short comments on IBIP21, collected as anonymous feedback

A feel I got a great sense of what I need to look at when I get proteomics data.

Attending this course gave me a clear idea of what to be careful about when analysing and interpreting my data. It will be useful later on.

This course allowed me to look with a different perspective and more critically to the data, its analysis and interpretation. To expand my knowledge into proteogenomics. After attending this course I feel more confident in moving forward with my experiments’ design.

Now, whenever i read or review a proteomics paper, I will know what to look for, what questions to ask and how to approach data analysis.

An excellent opportunity for receiving training.

Perfect teaching method. great instructors

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