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"Practical Statistics for the Life Sciences" training courses in GTPB


I learned to use R for statistical analysis for the first time during the courses of the IBB PhD programme at the IGC in 2020. I decided to enroll in the PSLS course of 2021, not only to refresh what I had learned a year before but also to learn new things that would help me to better plan my experiments and ultimately to facilitate my data analysis. The fact that it was an immersive course of one week was really beneficial to me. Moreover, the teachers and the environment in the training room were also great! All in all, I highly recommend the PSLS course to those who want to strengthen their statistics skills!!

Mariana Natalino, IGC PhD student, participant in PSLS21


As a Ph.D. student who had never taken any official class in statistics (most of all the statistics I know were thought from older colleagues in the lab setting), the PSLS course was not only refreshing and eye-opening but brought to life the understanding of what goes into the choice of statistical tests to use in analyzing data as well as the use of statistics to make inferences during experimental design and even in explaining the outcome of experiments. The class itself was very interactive, which gives the students the ability to ask questions freely while also learning from other participants. The use of real data as practical examples throughout the duration of the course makes it more relatable to your own work and easier to understand as well. I highly recommend this course for all early career researchers who either have "hand me down" practical expertise like myself, or have some level of knowledge in theoretical statistics and would like to integrate this in the experimental setting.

Priscilla A. Akyaw, IGC PhD student, participant in PSLS21


The course was intensive and challenging, but the positive environment really helped overcoming the difficulty. The lecturers and organizer were kind and patient, and the interaction was fruitful and abundant. As an external attendee of PSLS21, who is not a part of any research group at the time, I still managed to get by with the curriculum thanks to that. I also very much appreciated the care and thought that went into the practical examples that were presented and which served as a base for our own mock-data-analysis: they were clear and very pragmatic, and would likely be relevant for any research group that plans on starting experiments (emphasis on starting: take this course in the planning phase and strengthen your statistical conclusions!). Overall it was a good time and I definitely recommend it.

João Rebelo, participant in PSLS21


When I moved from a biochemical research field to a more biology-oriented topic, felt the need to deepen my knowledge of statistics. The PSLS course allowed me to recap the basic concepts I already had from my bachelors and build on them to develop new skills. Despite my limited experience with R, I was able to follow the classes thanks to the interactive and supporting environment created by Pedro, the Professors, and the other participants. I finished the course feeling better equipped to perform data analysis, discuss statistical considerations with my peers, and design experiments having the statistical implications in mind. Therefore, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their statistical approach to research.

Cláudia Freitas, participant in PSLS21

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