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The GTPB runs face-to-face Bioinformatics Training Courses regularly at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência since 1999. Up to now, more than 3400 course participants have acquired practical skills that they can use with a high degree independence. The Programme consists in a series of short, intensive hands-on courses that are made available to successful applicants.

Scheduled Courses for 2015

(Last update, 2015/02/18)
From / To
Apr 13th
Apr 17th
Mar 20th OPEN! IB15F
Introductory Bioinformatics

our entry level course with a soft introduction
to NGS data analysis
Apr 20th
Apr 24th
- About to open HPNGS15
Hunting for Promoters in NGS Data
Apr 27th
Apr 30th
- About to open SMLMC15
Structural Modeling for Large Macromolecular Complexes
May 11
- In preparation ARANGS15
Automated Reproducible Analysis of NGS Data
May 27
May 30
- In preparation CE15
Computational Epidemiology
Jun 3
Jun 5
- In preparation GACT15
Genomic Architecture of Complex Traits
Jun 15
Jun 19
- In preparation IBSTATB15
Introductory Biostatisitcs for Biologists
Jun 22
- In preparation MGNDA15
Metagenomic Data Analysis
Jun 29
Jul 3
- In preparation HQB15
Hands-on Quantitative Bioimaging
Jul 13
Jul 17
- In preparation ABSTATB15
Advanced Biostatistsics for Biologists
Jul 20
Jul 24
- In preparation BPB15
Bioinformatics using Python for Biologists
Sep 7
Sep 10
- In preparation PDA15
Proteomics Data Analysis
Sep 14
Sep 18
- In preparation WESDA15
Whole Exome Data Analysis

Other course themes, in preparation or ready to be launched by GTPB

Approximate date Theme
Metabolic Models in Nutrition and Ageing
Experiment Design in Biomedical Research
Model-based approaches in Demography
Biosharing, Biocuration, Standards for handling biological data
To request more information, please send an e-mail to: bicourses ( AT ) igc.gulbenkian.pt

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