RNA Bioinformatics

   Deadline for applications: June 22nd 2010
   Notification of acceptance dates:
        EARLY: May 21st 2010
        NORMAL: June 24th 2010
   Course date: July 5th - July 7th 2010


Paul Gardner completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Biomathematics at Massey University in New Zealand. Since then he has worked as a post-doctoral fellow in Bielefeld, Germany and in Copenhagen, Denmark. He now runs the Rfam database at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK

Anton Enright completed his PhD degree at the Computational Genomics Group in the EBI on modelling protein interactions. He then worked as a post-doc at the Computational Biology Center in the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center before taking a group leader position at the The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He is now a group leader at the EBI.

European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK

Course description:


This course will give an overview of RNA and aspects of the informatic challenges associated with studying RNA. This course will be run as a mixture of lectures and hands-on problem solving sessions.


The course is very practical in nature. After participating attendees will be aware of the difficulties with dealing RNA. Current methods for addressing these challenges and the limitations of each approach. In detail they should be able to predict RNA secondary structures for given sequences, the should be able to use state of the art RNA homology search tools, predict RNA:RNA interactions and use comparative methods for studying RNA structure.

Course Pre-requisites:

Basic Molecular Biology. Graduate level understanding of Molecular Biology. A basic level of computer knowledge will be assumed.

Detailed Program

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência,

Apartado 14, 2781-901 Oeiras, Portugal

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