Introduction to Phylogenetic Tree-Building

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   IMPORTANT DATES for this Course
   Deadline for applications: June 7th 2013
   Notification of acceptance within 72 hours of application.
   Course date: June 13th and June 14th 2013


Giselle Walker is currently a visiting fellow at Otago University, New Zealand. She works on systematics and taxonomy of protists, with emphasis on comparative anatomy and cell biology. She did a PhD at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and the London Natural History Museum (2004), and was a postdoc and college fellow at the University of Cambridge until October 2010. She was subsequently a lecturer in Botany at the University of Otago (2012). She has taught phylogenetics courses at Cambridge (Pt II Zoology 2005-2010) and Oxford (MSc in Integrative Biology, 2005-2009).

Affiliation: Otago University, New Zealand

Course description

The course will cover, at a basic level, building phylogenetic trees based on molecular sequence data. This will include the general context and uses of tree-building, choosing models of DNA and protein evolution, tree-building methods including distance, parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian MCMC, and confidence in results.

Target Audience

Reserchers at all levels, wishing to learn how to perform simple phylogenetic analyses, and build trees.

Course Pre-requisites

Basic computing skills, graduate level in Life Sciences

Course Software support

This course is supported by Biomatters via an agreement with IGC.
We will use Biomatters' Geneious in the course and all participants will receive a 6 months license to work with it after the course.

Detailed Program

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência,

Apartado 14, 2781-901 Oeiras, Portugal

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