GTPB - General access conditions, applicable to all course participants

Mechanism of admission

GTPB courses open, by default, with 20 vacancies. Extreme care is taken to ensure equal access to all candidates, in a fully anti-discriminatory way. Gender balance is only sought on a long term basis, but all other commonly accepted practices to ensure equal rights to apply are taken, in selecting candidates for each event.

Candidates to GTPB courses acquire this status at the moment of depositing their application documents in the required format and using the method that is advertised for each training event.
The GTPB coordinator communicates acceptance by e-mail. At this moment, an accepted candidate becomes a course participant and is asked to CONFIRM his presence by e-mail.
Once a participant has confirmed is presence as described above, it is mutually understood that a bilateral commitment is in place. His/her seat in the specific course is guaranteed between the GTPB coordinator and it becomes the participant's obligation to provide information and make the necessary steps so that the course fee is charged appropriately and eventually received by IGC accounting. The course fee is considered due and is booked accordingly.

Cancellation policy

In exceptional circumstances (also known as force majeure) it is possible for both parties to widthdraw from the above commitment.
For example, if there is a travel issue that stops the assigned instructors to provide the training, an outstanding health issue, etc. In that case, the participant or the institution that pays the fee will be fully refunded, but that liability is limited to the course fee that may already have been received.

Once the participation is CONFIRMED, the course fee is due, regardless of the participant's presence in the course.
Again in exceptional circumstances, health, travel difficulties, etc. participants may request in writing that their booking is cancelled.
However, the waiving of the yet unpaid course fee or the full refund of the paid fee is subject to the capacity to attribute an assigned seat to candidates in the waiting list (that could otherwise have been accepted) in order to take the newly generated vacancy. Otherwise, the fee is due regardless of the actual presence in the course, and it is the participant's responsibility to ensure that the fee is paid anyway.

Cancellation with full refund of fees already paid is started by informing the GTPB coodinator by e-mail about the strong reason that leads to cancellation, and is only possible if this communication is received earlier than 4 days (96 hours) before the course actually starts.

Rights and duties of the participants
Each participant has the right to take full benefit from attending a GTPB course, in the conditions stated by the coordinator as stated in the GTPB website. Naturally, the fitness of his/her profile to the programmed activities will vary. A participant is expected to adapt to the learning environment that is set-up for each course, and to behave respectfully towards other people, show-up in sessions in a timely manner, engaging in teamwork, producing results when requested to do so.

Participants will be required to fill-in a feedback questionnaire to be turned-in at the end of the course. Long term feedback is optional, though, and answering such questions is again optional. If not already anonimous, answers will be anonimised by default. The GTPB may occasionally ask participants to quote their opinions in proper places, "Testimonials" for example, but for that a full consent by the participant will be requested.

Each participant is automatically eligible to be in GTPB's outreach tools, mailing list, social networks, etc. for awareness purposes, not publicity. Once enrolled, one can always pull-out from these electronic resources. Assistance to do that is provided on request but, in principle, it is not needed.

Note: Clarifications about the above conditions and about other aspects relevant to the inner workings of GTPB can be requested by e-mailing bicourses"at"

Pedro Fernandes
GTPB Coordinator
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência,
Apartado 14, 2781-901 Oeiras, Portugal

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Last updated:   June 10th 2015